About this project

Last year, 506 people were killed in Chicago. Most of them were killed with guns.

In our school’s community area, Back of the Yards, 21 people have been killed in the past 12 months. Three young men who were known by many of our eighth graders were killed during this school year in separate incidents, and one of our own students was shot last summer. Many other students have witnessed shootings first-hand.

In light of these troubling realities, eighth graders at Seward spent several weeks this spring in their Media Studies class examining the causes of gun violence, its impacts on families and communities, and possible strategies for reducing it.

On this blog we share some students’ final projects, which took a variety of forms: video essays, poetry, comic books, written essays, and short documentaries. Click the category links on the right to view or read the students’ work.

Some of the content on this blog is graphic in nature, and may be disturbing to some viewers/readers. Parents, if your children view videos or read some of the work displayed here, we urge you to talk with them about it and help them process their feelings.

Our hope is that, in better understanding why violence occurs, we might be able to help seek solutions and peaceful alternatives.


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